WISCO Survey Power Professional creates the HTML code needed for your survey. This sample shows a plain survey with navigation. The HTML code can also be inserted into the body of your web page templates, so the survey has the same look-and-feel as the rest of your site. The complete HTML survey, with the WISCO Survey web site background and additional descriptions can be viewed here. Typically the top part of a survey is used to provide instructions, for example: "Please fill out this survey." Headings can also be placed before any question. Skip instructions can also be placed after any question.

Numerical responses can be validated for minimum and maximum values. Names and email addresses can also be required and validated before submission.  

WISCO Sample Survey

Please fill out the survey.

1. What is your gender?

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2. What days of the week are most suitable for you to attend training courses? Check all that apply.


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3. Following is a list of the 25 largest U.S.Cities. Which cities would be acceptable for our next national convention? Check all that apply. You can also suggest a different city to host our next convention.



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4. Please rate the solar eclipse.

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5. Rate the performanace of your immediate supervisor.

  Excellent Good Average Fair Poor
Fair and consistant administration of company policies
Supervisor's overall knowledge & competence
Willingness to admit and correct mistakes
Willingness of supervisor to provide positive recognition
Willingness to provide appropriate training opportunities
Clear communications of instructions on a regular basis

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6. Please rate the following TV channels for picture quality (1= Excellent to 5=Poor) and how often you watch that channel (1=Frequently to 5=Never).

Picture Quality Excellent Good Average Fair Poor

How Often You Watch Frequently Often Sometimes Seldom Never

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7. Rank the top 3 items of concern to you (1 = most concern, 2 = next most concern, and 3 next most concern).

Ranking    (1)       (2)       (3)       (4)   
Health Care

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8. Typically, how do you contact customer service by supplier?

    WISCO Computing   Company B   Company C   Company D   Company E 
In person: I mention it when I see a sales representative
Telephone: I call customer service
Telephone: I call my sales representative
Web/online: I check my order status online via the web
Email: I send them an email to get status or to ask a question
By regular mail
By fax
I don't contact anyone; I just stop using supplies if I have problems

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9. How many of the following pets do you own?


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10. Indicate the number of students in each of these classes for each class period

    English   Math   Science 
Period 1 
Period 2 
Period 3 
Period 4 
Period 5 
Period 6 
Period 7 

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11. Any suggestions for improving this software?

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12. Enter the date you plan on winning the lottery.

 Month   Day   Year 

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13. Which state would you like to visit on your next vacation (holiday)?

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After the user completes the survey and presses the submit button, a thank you page should be displayed. If a thank you page is not displayed, the user sees the raw file of responses that is being submitted. Your thank you page can be a generic page created by WISCO Survey Power or a custom page that you create. The survey responses are placed in an email and sent to your email address. The WISCO Survey Power software automatically adds the responses in the emails to the survey database on your computer.

When an HTML survey is created for a foreign language, phrases are substituted for the English phrases (web page navigation, name and email address, required responses, none of the above, error messages, submit and reset buttons). These phrases have also been translated to the foreigh language by a native speaker.