Back Up Survey Data Files

When this menu option is selected, the survey question and database files to be copied to another folder or diskette for backup purposes. Backups can either overwrite the previous backup or write sequentially numbered backup data files. The backup files are written to the BackUp folder location.  
The back up folder location and type of backup (sequential or single) are set with the Preferences screen.  

If you only want a copy of the survey question file to use to start another survey, use the "Save As" selection form the File menu. Select a new filename or new location, and the question file will be saved with the new name or location. The previous question and data file will be cleared from memory (not deleted from the hard disk). When you return to the opening screen, you can either load the original question file (with data) or the new survey question file (without data).

Page last updated: January 26, 2008