Add Email Responses (Pro Version)

After the user clicks the Submit button on the web survey, the entered responses are placed in an email and sent to your designated email address that you specified when the web survey page was created.

When the web survey responses are emailed, a reference line is automatically added to the results to help check where the actual survey data starts. If the reference line is missing, the data will not be added to the survey because there would be a chance of corruption of the database.

The e-mails with the survey responses are typically placed in a separate folder rather than mixed with other emails in the Outlook or Outlook Express Inbox. WISCO Survey Power can then extract the survey responses from the body of the email and import the information directly into the database for analysis and charting.

Instructions are displayed on the screen for dragging and dropping the selected emails from your email program to the WISCO Survey Program. Tutorial

These four steps will add the emails to the survey database:
1. Open your email client program (Outlook or Outlook Express).
2. Drag and drop the selected emails from the client to the table in WISCO Survey Power.
3. Select (highlight) the survey emails to add to the DBF database.
4. Click the Save button.

email survey

Suggested Steps to Add Responses to the Database
Create a separate folder in Outlook or Outlook Express that will only contain the responses to this survey. Other folders can be created for future surveys. When the email is received by the recipient, it can be moved to that folder. Message rules (for example, matching the subject) could also be set up to move the email to the survey folder automatically. Drag and Drop the emails from your email program to the WISCO Survey Power Program.

After selecting the emails that you want to drag - drag to the WISCO Survey label on the Task Bar. As you hold the mouse cursor over the top of the WISCO Survey label, the program will come to the front, and you can complete the drag-and-drop.

When the screen is displayed, select the folder containing the web surveys. All emails in the selected folder will be displayed. The listing will show the sender's email address, recipient's email address, subject, and the date received. Click on an email. The complete email can be viewed by clicking the View Selected Email tab. To add the selected email responses to the database, click the Save button. Continue by clicking on the next email to verify the matches, and then click the Save button to add the set of responses from each email to the database.

You can also select more than one survey at a time. For example, click on the first survey to highlight that survey, scroll to the bottom of the list of emails, and click on the bottom email while holding down the shift key, highlighting all the emails. Clicking the save button once would add all of the highlighted emails to the database.

When you are done recording this batch of emails, go to your email program, and move these recorded surveys to a different folder so you don't accidentally record these responses twice.

If dates submitted in the email are not valid for date entry questions, the dates will be ignored when adding to responses to the survey database.

Clicking the View Processed E-Mail tab will display the survey responses of the selected e-mail. email survey

Progress Log File
A log file can be created indicating problems with the data that was submitted, and how the problem was handled. The survey program tries to make intelligent guesses from the entered data. In some case the data is altered (for example, the user submits a decimal number, and your settings indicate to not use a decimal number, the software will truncating a decimal number), in other cases, the bad response is not added to your database. This log file information can also be saved to a text file and printed.

Clicking the Clean Up Listing button will remove the surveys in the current listing that were just recorded.

Clicking the Save button automatically adds the highlighted survey response emails to the database file.

Clicking the Help button will display this help file information.

Clicking the OK button will leave this screen, returning to the opening program screen.

Page last updated: January 26, 2008