Recreate Email Survey - Pro Version

This menu option allows you to recombine the email responses with the survey questions, and produce a filled out copy of your survey. This makes it possible to view and print a filled out hard copy of a survey from selected clients.

Recreate Filled in Survey

The received emails only contain the responses, so they must first be added to the database with the Professional Menu 'Add Email Responses' choice. You can view any set of responses. Click the row containing the survey to view. Click the third tab to display the completed survey with responses. (You can also double-click the row to display the completed survey.) The completed survey can be copied to the clipboard, saved, and printed.

The second tab contains options to change the font size, bold the question text, etc. If you change any option, then click the Refresh button to update the completed survey.

Include Survey Instructions
If checked, the instructions entered on the Edit Menu - Questions - Titles screen can be printed before the first question of a survey.

Use Bold Font for Questions and Headings
If checked the survey question text and survey headings will use a bold font on the reports and HTML summaries.

Use Bold Font for Report Column Headings
If checked the column headings will use a bold font on the reports and HTML summaries.

Include Rating Scales with All Questions
If checked, the rating scales used with question types E-Multiple Scales and F-2 Column Scales will be included.

Include Blank Line After Question Responses
If checked, an extra blank line is inserted after each question and survey results for each set of responses. The Copy button will copy the completed survey to the clipboard. The information can be copied to the clipboard as an RTF file for most word processors, or as a text file for further refinement. When the analysis is copied to the clipboard, it can be easily inserted into an existing document.

The Save button saves the completed survey to a file using the selected report option (RTF or Text). The File Save Dialog will be displayed. The displayed survey can be saved to a file using RTF or as plain text. When saved as an RTF file which can be read by most word processors, the extension RTF is used. When saved as a text file, the extension TXT is used. The WISCO Survey Power Professional version creates HTML form to be placed on the Internet for interactive web survey data entry.

Clicking the Print button will print the displayed survey to the preselected printer.

Clicking the Help button will display this help file information.

Clicking the Close button will leave the analysis screen, returning to the opening program screen.

Page last updated: October 10, 2006