Installation and Getting Started

WISCO Survey Power can use Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. About 6MB of hard drive space is needed for the basic program and help files. Additional drive space will be needed for your survey questions and response data files.

The install program will copy the Survey Power program and related files to your hard drive. The install program is set to install the program in the C:\Program Files\ folder. Of course, you can choose a more convenient drive and folder location.

If you are using an earlier version of Survey Power, this version can read the question and data files created by the earlier version of Survey Power.

Installation on a Stand-Alone computer
By accepting the default suggestions, Survey Power will be installed in the C:\Program Files\WISCO Computing\Survey Power folder. Survey Power - WISCO will be added as a shortcut to the Programs Menu. The install program also gives you the option to create a shortcut icon on your desktop. Earlier versions of Windows added the new program listing in alphabetical order. Later versions of Windows add the listing at the bottom of your Programs Menu selections.

Getting Started
Start Survey Power by selecting WISCO Survey Power from the Program Menu, or from an icon the install program created on your desktop. The main window with the WISCO Computing logo will be displayed. Selections from the main menus are explained in later parts of this manual

Some menu choices may be grayed out. These choices can not be selected until other actions have been taken. For example, you can not view survey data until a survey file has been loaded. If no responses have been entered for a survey question file, some menu choices will remain inactive.

Page last updated: January 26, 2008