Create New Survey

This selection is used to create a new survey. When you start a new survey, you need to create a new question file. The question file can include up to 100 questions with response choices. Some survey questions can have multiple parts. This file also includes the survey title, optional subtitles, and instructions for your recipients to use to complete the survey. Longer surveys tend to discourage potential respondents.

Project Folder
The project folder that is saved here will be used when open and save file dialogs are displayed. Survey questions (the SVP file) and the recorded responses (the DBF and DBT files) are kept in the project folder. The new project folder can be created with this selection.

When you save your question file, you will enter the new survey question filename. The survey question filename uses the file-extension '.SVP'. In the event that you do not add the filename extension, Survey Power will do it for you. You can create as many surveys as needed and save each survey under it's own filename. The next time you want to use the question file you have created with this menu selection, you will use the Re-open Survey menu selection.

The survey question file you create can be used to conduct the exact same survey with a printed questionnaire, over the telephone or on the web.

The Question and response text can be edited after responses have been entered. You can not change the number of questions, or the question type, or delete any choices after any responses have been entered.

The Edit Menu sections describe entering question text, choices, and individual question settings.

Page last updated: January 26, 2008