Open Text Response Questions

These survey questions accept open-ended text responses. Open-ended questions are used to gather more detailed information that may not have been covered by the questions. Open-ended questions typically take more time for the respondent to complete, and for human interpretation of the completed responses.

Text Entry
A text response is entered for this question type. Up to 240 characters can be allowed. The default length is 40 characters. The minimum length can be 1 character. Since the total length of all responses to all questions is limited to 4000 characters in the main DBF response file, you should be able to use lengths less than the default length for some of your survey questions.
sample question

Memo Text
There is no limit on the length of a memo text entry. The main DBF response file only uses 10 characters to create an internal index to keep track of the memo in the second DBT response file. However, one limitation of the memo text entry is that the memo text can not be included in some analyses.

Page last updated: January 26, 2008