Print Survey

This selection is used to print a blank survey with questions and without response totals. You can use the word processing tool bar to select fonts, change font styles, copy to the clipboard, print, and spell check your survey.

Multiple Column Array and Numeric questions can be created with variable width columns. These can be changed later by dragging the column borders.

Include Survey Instructions
If checked, the instructions entered on the Titles screen can be printed before the first question of a survey.

Include Rating Scales with All Questions
If checked, the rating scales used with question types E-Multiple Scales and F-2 Column Scales will be included.

Include Blank Line After Question Responses
If checked, and extra blank line is inserted after each question and survey results for each set of responses.

Number of Printed Copies
The number entered next to the spinner determines how many (up to 300) copies of the displayed report should be printed.

Changing Underscore Widths
If the underscores are too narrow (or too wide) to display your survey properly, the underscore widths can be changed. Check the box for 'Show All Grid Lines'. Place your cursor to the side of the underscore you wish to resize, then slowly move it until the cursor changes to a sizing arrow. Click the mouse button and hold it down. Still holding the mouse button down, drag the cursor to the drag the cursor to the left or the right to increase or decrease the width of the underscore. When you are done, remove the check from 'Show all Grid Lines'.

Clicking the Help button will display this help file information.

Clicking the OK button will leave this screen, returning to the opening program screen.

Page last updated: January 26, 2008