Question Rating Scales

Eight different rating scales are used with question types Multiple Scales and 2 Column Scales. The five most common scales are preset. Scales 6, 7, and 8 allow you to create your own rating scales. Your text values are entered on the Preferences menu. The single scale question type allows you to construct survey questions with up to 9 scale intervals.

All eight scales can be used with type Multiple Scales and 2 Column Scale questions. Multiple Scale questions require one scale to be selected. 2-Column Scale questions require 2 scales to be selected.

Minimum Year and Maximum Year refer to the Date Entry questions. If year limits are not set on this screen, the minimum and maximum years from the Preferences screen are used.

Maximum Value applies to type Numeric Rank, Numeric Group, and Multi-Column Numeric questions. If the survey question requires a numerical answer, the maximum value of the response can be set. If you wanted to limit scale answers to 1, 2, and 3, you could enter 3 as the maximum value.

Maximum Text applies to the other text in a Multiple Choice(Other) and type Open Text. The default length is 40 characters, with a maximum of 240 characters. To save file space, you should change the length to a smaller number before any responses are saved. For example, a zip code or postal code length of 10 should be applicable most of the time.

Reverse Question Scale/Rank Value
A Numeric Rank question usually ranks the item with the highest ranking 1. The top rating of the rating scales are also usually assigned a rating of 1. By checking this box, the lowest (not the highest) ranking/rating is assigned a value of 1 for the current question.

Question Rating Scales

If a User-Defined Scale only uses 4 choices, the first 4 text choices for the scale will be used. When the survey questions are entered, the maximum value should also be set to 4.

To reverse the ranking of all questions of the active survey, check the box on the Survey Titles/Headings tab. If the checkbox on the Survey Titles/Headings tab is checked to reverse all scales, the checkbox for individual questions will be unavailable.

The 3-Column and 5-Column Array question types can be configured to accept only one response per row, only one response per column, or no limit on the number of responses per row or column. The drop down box allows you to select check boxes, one choice per row, or one choice per column. When check boxes are selected, no limitation is placed on the number of check boxes that can be marked.

Page last updated: January 26, 2008