ReOpen Survey Question Files

The next time you want to continue working with a survey question file you previously created, you would use this menu selection. Survey Power will only list survey question files in the current folder with the SVP filename extension. Select the survey question file. Questions from the survey will be displayed in the lower part of this screen. The survey title, subtitle, and question count will also be displayed. Click OK to leave this screen.

The survey filename and number of questions will be displayed in the title bar (where WISCO SURVEY POWER is displayed). The number of surveys recorded for this survey will also be displayed.

After loading the survey questions, you can mark these questions and surveys to be loaded automatically when the program is started. Just click the Auto-Load button.

Click OK to leave this screen. If the check box for Display Question Summary is marked, the question summary screen will be displayed after clicking OK. If the check box is not marked, either the opening screen, or the last used menu screen will be displayed. That setting is located on the first preferences screen. It determines if the last menu screen is displayed when a question file is loaded.

Selecting a survey

Page last updated: January 26, 2008