Using WISCO Survey Help

Table of Contents
This menu selection displays the Table of Contents tab of the help file.

Show Tips
This menu selection will display the Tip of the Day. The check box can be marked so the tips are displayed when WISCO Survey Power starts.

Topic Search
This menu selection displays the Index Tab of the help file to search for keywords.

Full Text Search
This menu selection will execute a full-text search of the program help file.

Help On the Web
This menu selection will link you to the help files located on our web site from the program.

Customer Support
This menu selection retreives program information, allows you to include a description of the problem, and allows you to send files as email attachments to our technical support department.

Technical Support Screen

Additional help can be displayed by clicking the Help button on the program screens.

For additional help, check out the training tutorials.

Page last updated: January 26, 2008