Text Responses

Any question type with a text entry/display can be displayed with this selection. This includes the Multiple Choice (Other), Open Text Response, Single Select-Huge, Single Select (Other), Memo Field questions, and the six extra data fields. Use the scroll bar to the question number or extra field. Only those question numbers with text responses that can be analyzed can be displayed.

Six extra fields can be added to each set of survey responses from web-based surveys. This information can also be entered when recording responses from a paper survey, revising the current database, and importing records into the database. Of course, if these fields are not included in the database, they are not available for analysis. The checkbox on the Preferences Menu selection - Survey Titles/Headings must be checked so these fields are included in the survey response database.

The six extra fields are the Email user name, Email Address, Email user IP, and 3 user codes.

Report options common to the different report screens are explained in the Introduction to Survey Analysis section of the help file.

Listing Text Responses
All text responses from all respondents will be listed. If you only want to list the most common text responses, then use the Single question analysis. All text responses are displayed, and included in the reports. The maximum length of the text response is 240 characters. The length of the text response was set when the questions were created on the Question Rating Scale tabbed-page before any surveys were entered.

A report can also be created to list only those responses that match text in the edit box. For example, if @ibm.com was entered for the matching email address, any survey with @ibm.com would be included in the question calculations. Your results would show how only those respondents with @ibm.com in their email address answered the survey questions.

If the Create Filtered Report checkbox is unmarked or if the edit box is empty, all text responses for the selected question will be included in the report.

Include Blank Line Between Text Responses
If checked, and extra blank line is inserted between each of the responses.

Page last updated: October 10, 2006