Thematic Maps

Thematic Maps are designed to show the geographic distribution of data. Survey data from all survey question types, except the memo, text and single select types, can be placed on thematic maps automatically. The survey data will be placed in a range of either 4 or 10 percentage groups and color codings. WISCO Survey Power includes outline maps of the United States, Canadian provinces, and European countries.

Your preferences menu setting determines which outline map and set of text choices will be used. If the United States was selected, the 50 states with the District of Columbia map will be used. If Canada was pre-selected, the Canadian provinces and territories map will be used. If Europe was pre-selected, our map of the 38 European countries will be used.

Clicking on the state, province, or country will display the 2 letter postal code or 2 letter European ISO Country Code, and the value used to determine the color coding. All thematic maps can be printed and saved in a variety of graphic formats.

USA thematic map

Canada thematic map

The upper right hand corner of the display indicates the total number of thematic maps available from the survey questions and data. Since the survey questions can have multiple parts, the number of maps that are created will usually be greater than the number of questions. This European thematic map was created from a 50 question survey. The display indicates this is survey question number 37, and the map is number 471 of 515 total.

Europe thematic map

These 38 European countries are used by the thematic map questions. When survey charts are made with the European countries, the official 2 letter ISO Country codes are use to label the X-axis. When Europe has been pre-selected on the preferences menu, these countries and ISO codes are automatically entered for the survey question text choices when the thematic map survey question is created.

CountryISO CodeCountryISO CodeCountryISO Code
Czech RepublicCZLuxembourgLUSwedenSE
FranceFRNorwayNOUnited KingdomGB

WISCO Computing can create customized thematic maps that will use your survey data. Contact WISCO Computing for a price quote, describing your requirements.

Page last updated: January 26, 2008