Using JMail with ASP Scripts

This is the WISCO Survey step-by-step tutorial for creating and uploading the web survey html and ASP script (Active Server Page) files on a Windows server that uses JMail as it's mailing program.

This tutorial assumes that:
1. You have already created a set of survey questions with the WISCO Survey software.
2. JMail is correctly installed on the Windows server.
3. You have permission to run jmail and ASP scripts on the Windows server.
4. You have a program such as WS_FTP that can upload files to your web site.

From the Professional Menu, select Web Survey Creation. The WISCO Survey software uses your survey questions and automatically generates the web survey HTML code and the ASP script needed to send the emails with the survey responses from the server to your email address.

Creating the Survey Files
1. Check any options to be included with your web survey. A plain thank you page can be created automatically if the Create Generic Thank You HTML page is checked.

2. Enter the subject line the returned emails will use.

3. Enter the email address that will receive the survey responses.

We are done with the Selection tab page for now, but will come back to this page to update the final web survey HTML code, and perl cgi script. Click on the Web Server Information tab to change pages.

4. Select Windows server with JMail and ASP Script option.

5. The ASP script will process the survey responses, and email that information using the subject line and email address you entered on the Selection tab page. The ASP script and web survey HTML form can be in the same folder. ASP scripts use the .asp extension. In this example, the ASP script is called sendmail.asp The ASP script is used for the HTML form action. The ASP script created by WISCO Survey Power will also create a Thank You page to be displayed after the survey submit button is pressed.

6. Enter your domain name, without the http:// or www. prefixes (for example On some windows servers, your numerical IP address is needed. On some windows servers, port 25 must be included with the IP address (for example 123.456.789.123:25) Check with your network administrator for your specific requirements.

7.We are done with the Web Server Information tab page. Click on the Selection tab to change back to the first page.

8. Click the Create button to update the HTML survey code and ASP sendmail script.

9. Click the Save Settings button to save all the information that was just entered. This information will be used the next time you create an web survey.

10. Click the Save All Pages button. The web survey (HTML page) and the ASP script will be saved.

11. You can click on the View HTML code tab to view the web survey HTML code that was saved. This HTML survey code was created by the WISCO Survey software. This code is saved with an .asp extension instead of .htm

12. You can click on the View Perl CGI or ASP Code tab to view the ASP Script that was saved. This ASP Script code was created by the WISCO Survey software. Some web hosts may require you to add specific verification code so JMail is not used for sending spam.

Uploading the Survey Software files to the Windows Server
Start your FTP program, for example, WS_FTP, that can upload files on to your web site. These files must be uploaded using ASCII, not Binary.

1. From the root of your domain, create a directory named survey
2. Upload mysurvey.asp to the survey directory.
3. Upload sendmail.asp to the survey directory.

All of your files are on the server. Quit your FTP program. You are ready to test your survey. Use your Internet browser to go to your web site, and display your web survey. Enter responses and click the Submit button. JMail will send an email. A short thank you page should be displayed in your browser.

Now you should check your email. Your email will include the responses from your web survey.

Page last updated: January 26, 2008