WISCO Survey Power - Introduction

WISCO Survey Power is a software program for complete survey administration. The software is used to create your surveys, print your surveys to be mailed, create web surveys for completion on the Internet, add survey results to the survey database, and perform complete analysis (including drill down) of the survey results. There is no limit to the number of surveys you can create, or the number of surveys you can conduct at the same time.

WISCO Survey Power supports a variety of common survey question types. The number of surveys and response database files that can be created is limited only by the storage capacity of your hard drive or network hard drive.

This survey software creates HTML online surveys that you can publish on your web sites. Results are emailed back to you. You simply drag and drop the Outlook or Outlook Express emails into the survey software to add the responses to the database. Surveys can be also be distributed by mail, and the returned survey responses can be added to the response database.

The analyzed survey data can be presented using multi-color charts, printed reports, and HTML reports. Survey responses are stored in industry standard Dbase files, using the extension .DBF. Complete, filtered, statistical, cross-tabulation, and text frequency analyses can be performed on your data by the WISCO Survey Power software. These survey responses can also be exported to 12 different file types (including Microsoft Excel).

Customer Support for WISCO Survey Power:

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Page last updated: January 26, 2008