Create Surveys and Analyze Survey Data

WISCO Survey Power is used for customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, and market research surveys. WISCO Survey Professional includes web survey creation, charting, data export, data import, and email survey data entry.

Cost Effective

Purchasing WISCO Survey is a one-time cost (single user license $149), not a monthly recurring cost required by some web hosts to keep your survey data 'active'.

Variety of Survey Response Input Methods

Responses from web surveys, telephone and printed surveys can be added to the survey response database. Web survey email responses are easily added to the survey database by dragging and dropping the emails using the Windows mouse.

Your Survey Data Privacy and Security

WISCO Survey does not keep survey results on a web server. WISCO Survey creates the complete HTML code and scripts. These files are placed on your web site. When the person completing your web survey clicks the submit button, the survey responses are emailed to you. These emails are added to the survey database files on your personal computer. This process protects the privacy and security of the survey responses. Your survey responses are not stored on the Internet server. You control the access to your survey data and emails.

Customizable Reports and Survey Charts

WISCO Survey can handle a much larger variety and more complicated options, and process data quicker, than typical web-based applications. WISCO Survey creates customized reports which you can modify immediately using complete word processing options not available with current web-based text editors. Reports can be saved as RTF files, which can be read by Microsoft Word and Word Perfect.

You can analyze survey responses and create reports without Internet access by keeping the survey files on your personal computer.

WISCO Survey also creates HTML reports and survey charts which can be placed on your web site. You control the appearance of the survey reports and survey charts with the included chart editor and HTML editor. You have complete access to the HTML code used for the reports, and complete access to the data used to create the charts.

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We have been selling WISCO Survey Power since 1988. We continue to add program features requested by our customers to create quality software. We listen. That's what makes our software so beneficial to our customers. An evaluation version of our software is available to let you try before you buy.

Page last updated: January 26, 2008