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WISCO Survey software allows you to create and analyze surveys, questionnaires, and opinion polls. Print blank surveys, record survey responses, perform complete frequency, demographic, cross-tabulation, and statistical analysis of the survey responses. Survey software with easy data entry. Professional version includes web survey creation, email data entry, multi-color charting, and 12 data export file formats including Microsoft Excel. Multi-demographic analysis also supported.

WISCO Computing can create new customized thematic maps that will use your WISCO Survey data. Contact us for a price quote, describing your requirements.

WISCO Computing has been selling Survey Power™ software since 1988. We continue to add program features requested by our customers. We listen. That's what makes our survey software so beneficial. Download the free evaluation version and support Information.

WISCO Computing
WISCO Computing Product Support...

Voice: 715-423-8189 (M-F, 10-5 CST))

Fax: 715-423-7889 (24 hours)

Address: P.O. Box 8, Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54495-0008 U.S.A.

Email support (Click to send email)

You must include a valid name and e-mail address when contacting us. Your e-mail address will not be added to any kind of mailing list, it will simply be used to contact you regarding your communication if necessary. Registered Users can conveniently use the Tech Support Menu Choice located on the Help Menu.

Our survey software programs use Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

Page last updated: January 26, 2008