Preferences - Report Settings

Alternate Row Shading
If checked, the HTML headings are shaded gray, and alternate rows of data are shaded with light yellow and white on a light yellow background. If this is unchecked the HTML pages are displayed with a white background, and no shading. The reports will also include a 10% gray shading if checked.

Include All Report Grid Lines
Horizontal and vertical lines can be included on the reports, to make it easier to view text choices and columns of data. If checked the main lines are included in the display and printed reports. See Show All Grid Lines to reveal hidden lines used to change column widths.

Include Blank Line After Question Responses
If checked, and extra blank line is inserted after each question and survey results for each set of responses.

Include Question Skip Instructions in Reports
When a survey is being answered, an instruction can be included to skip to a different question, depending on the answer. This option allows this instruction to not be included on the analysis reports.

Include Survey Instructions
If checked, the instructions entered on the Edit Menu - Questions - Titles screen can be printed before the first question of a survey.

Use Bold Font for Report Column Headings
If checked the column headings will use a bold font on the reports and HTML summaries.

Use Comma as Decimal Separator
If checked, the decimal point for statistics calculations and averages uses a comma instead of the period. This is quite common in Western European countries.

These settings determines the font used for all HTML displays and HTML reports created by the program. One of 40 background colors can be chosen for your web survey. Click the down arrow to display the available color choices, select your color choices for the background and table colors. You may have plenty of fonts installed on your computer, but you can't be sure the same fonts are installed on the computer where the survey results will be displayed. If you select a font that is not available on the user's computer, Windows will substitute a different choice. Studies indicate Arial, Verdana, and Courier fonts are installed on over 90% of Windows and Macintosh computers.

The default font size used to display the survey results is determined by the resolution of the monitor (Windows setting) and the web browser's default font size chosen by the user. The developers of the browsers (Microsoft, Netscape, Fire Fox, etc.) determine the relationships between the default font size and H1 to H6 values. Often this relationship includes displaying the H1 to H6 fonts with a bold style. Generally, H4 is the same size as the default font, H1 is the largest, and H6 is the smallest. If the blank value is selected, instead of the H1 to H6 values, the heading and questions will use the same default font as the question choices. The font color can also be selected for the heading and question fonts. The question text choices will use the web browser default font color (usually black).

Reports Font
If the check box is marked, you can click the button to change the printed report font. This font settings determines the font for the WISCO Survey program printed reports.

Report Settings

Page last updated: October 10, 2006