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To help you move around the www.wiscosurvey.com web site, we have included a site map of the main web site pages below. You can click on any of the hyperlinks to go directly to that WISCO Survey web site page.

Home Page
Ordering WISCO Survey Power:
Buy On-Line
Mail/Fax Orders
Multi-User Pricing
Screen Shots
Sample Web Surveys
Evaluation Version - Free Download
Survey Version History
Survey Features
Contact Us
Sample Reports
Sample Analysis - No Statistics
Sample Analysis with Statistics
Sample Cross-Tabulation
Sample Web Surveys
Survey Tutorials
Adding Emails to the Survey Database
Creating Survey Pie Charts
Creating Multi-Question Survey Charts
Multiple Language Support
Czech Rating Scales
Danish Rating Scales
Dutch Rating Scales
English Rating Scales
Finnish Rating Scales
French Rating Scales
German Rating Scales
Italian Rating Scales
Portuguese Rating Scales
Slovak Rating Scales
Spanish Rating Scales
Swedish Rating Scales
WISCO Survey Power Manual:
Installation and Getting Started
Installation and Getting Started
Survey Design
Survey Question Types
Single Response Survey Questions
Scale/Rank Survey Questions
Multiple Response Survey Questions
Open Text Response Survey Question Types
Numeric Response Survey Question Types
Semantic Differential Questions
File Menu
New Survey
ReOpen Survey
Print Survey
Other File Menu Commands
Edit Menu
Create/Edit Survey Questions
Question Rating Scales
Question Headings and Graphics
Survey Titles
Default Responses
HTML Editor
Survey Preferences - Interface Settings
Survey Preferences - Program Settings
Survey Preferences - Report Settings
Survey Preferences - User-Defined Rating Scales
Data Menu
Record Survey Responses
Quick Edit Entry
Review Survey Database
Question Summaries
Report Templates
Analysis Menu
Survey Analysis
All Question Analysis
Single Question Analysis
Filtered Question Analysis
Keyword Phrase Matching
Text Responses
Cross-Tabulation Analysis
Cross-Tabulation Banners
Cross-Tabulation Statistics
Survey Statistics
Professional Version Menu
Create Web Surveys
Web Server Information
Javascript Validation
Surveys Using JMail and ASP Scripts
Add Email Responses
Create Survey Charts
Thematic Maps
Survey Chart Editor
Survey Chart Defaults
Export Survey Data
Utility Menu
Back Up Survey Data Files
Merge Survey Data Files
Export Filtered Records
Create Sample Data Files
Import CSV Survey Data
Recreate Email Survey
Advanced Survey Utilites
Help Menu
Using Survey Help
Order Information
Web Hosting Information
Web Host Tutorial
How CGI Works
Survey Publishing
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